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Reasons to Consider Using Decorative Concrete for Your Next Project 

Reasons to Consider Using Decorative Concrete for Your Next Project 

Since ancient times, decorative concrete has been used by many people, but its popularity increased after World War II when more people started using modern materials such as steel and glass. Today, decorative concrete is widely used on buildings and on homes, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. Therefore, this article seeks to give reasons why you need decorative concrete for your next project.



1. Varieties of Looks and Designs
There are different kinds of designs available today; they range from simple patterns to intricate ones with various colors and textures. You may choose any design or pattern depending upon what suits your needs best. For example, if you have a small space where you wish to place a fountain, you should go for something simpler than a complex one that will take up much room. If you prefer a bolder look, then you could opt for a geometric pattern. The choice is yours. However, remember that whatever kind of design you decide to use, it must match the theme of your building. This way, you won’t end up having two contrasting looks within the same structure.



2. Hypoallergic
Conventional concrete contains chemicals called cement, sand, gravel, water, and other additives. These substances cause allergic reactions in some individuals who come into contact with them. In fact, these chemicals irritate skin cells and trigger allergies. On top of that, conventional concrete requires high maintenance costs because it’s porous and absorbs moisture easily. It gets stained very quickly due to rainwater seeping through cracks and holes. To avoid all these problems, you can install decorative concrete instead.



3. Visually Appealing
The appearance of decorative concrete makes it visually appealing. When compared to traditional concrete, decorative concrete appears cleaner and brighter. Moreover, it doesn’t stain easily and lasts longer. As mentioned earlier, decorative concrete comes in numerous styles and shapes. Some examples include brick, stone, tile, wood, metal, marble, granite, ceramic tiles, mosaics, and so forth. Each material offers unique characteristics and benefits. So, there is no doubt about how attractive decorative concrete would appear once installed.


4. Easy Maintenance
Unlike ordinary concrete, decorative concrete doesn’t get dirty easily. Because it consists of nonporous surfaces, it resists stains better. Also, unlike normal concrete, decorative concrete doesn’t absorb moisture. That means you do not have to spend time cleaning it regularly. Furthermore, it doesn’t crack easily either. Therefore, you only need to sweep off dust particles every now and then.


5. Durable
Decorative concrete has been used by homeowners since ancient times. They were first made using mud mixed with straw and cow dung. Later on, people started mixing lime mortar with clay and sand. Nowadays, we still see many types of decorative concrete being manufactured around the world. Regardless of its age, decorative concrete remains durable. Even after years of exposure to extreme weather conditions, it continues to retain its beauty.


6. Eco Friendly
Decorative concrete is eco-friendly. Since it’s free from harmful materials such as cement, sand, and gravel, it helps reduce carbon emissions significantly. Besides, it also reduces energy consumption during the manufacturing process. And last but not least, it saves landfills from overflowing.


7. Versatile
As stated above, decorative concrete is versatile. You can choose any type of surface design that suits your needs best. For example, if you are building a house, you may opt for a simple pattern while choosing a more complex one for a commercial space. If you prefer something different, you can always go ahead and customize it according to your preferences.


Decorative concrete is a great choice when constructing buildings. It provides several advantages over other construction methods. In addition, it looks beautiful and adds value to your property. However, keep in mind that decorative concrete requires some maintenance. Regular sweeping will help maintain cleanliness. Nevertheless, you should avoid applying harsh chemicals onto it because they could damage the finish.

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