FAQs When Hiring Concrete Demolition Specialists

FAQs When Hiring Concrete Demolition Specialists

FAQs When Hiring Concrete Demolition Specialists

Wed, 07 Oct 2020 02:00:00 GMT



Are you hiring for a demolition project for the first time? Are you looking at a concrete driveway and unsure how to find the right team to take care of its demolition for you? Are you in need of an expert for your commercial site?
Hiring the right team for your concrete demolition project comes with a lot of questions and concerns. Below, you’ll find some answers to some of the FAQs that come up along the way.


What kind of projects do demolition specialists usually handle? Your Denton demolition specialists handle a wide variety of project types! If you’re installing a new driveway or walkway, or changing the landscape of your yard entirely, you may need to hire an expert to demolish the old concrete.

It’s also common to hire demolition specialists to take care of old slabs, foundations, or home flooring or countertops. Outdoor spaces, like patios and pool decks, may also require a demolition specialist to come in and deconstruct the site and clean away the materials. Aside from residential projects, concrete demolition also frequently happens at commercial sites.


There are no limits on the types of projects that a specialist may be called in for to handle. If you suspect your project may need an expert, it’s best to call a company and ask if they handle the type of project you’re looking at. This is sure to be an FAQ for their team, so don’t be shy.

What happens to the materials on site? This depends on the materials at hand, but most demolition projects actually involve a great deal of reuse, recycle, or salvaging of materials. When you hire a demolition expert, part of what you hire them for will be the removal of materials. Your expert contractor will remove things from the site and see what can be reused.


Many of the materials removed from demolition sites include concrete, metals, insulating materials, tiles, brick, wiring and conduit, wood, roofing materials, and porcelain.

Will the demolition project be loud? Yes. There is simply no getting around the fact that a project like this, especially concrete demolition, will be loud. At Denton Concrete, we use the best tools and techniques possible to get the job done and to be as quiet as possible.

It’s important to understand how heavy concrete is. When you’re breaking down concrete the right away, there just isn’t anyway to do it that won’t cause some disturbance. We are aware of how frustrating this can be. Our team can work with you for a time schedule that works best for any concerns or needs you have to make this process as smooth as possible.


Can I get an estimate for my concrete demolition project? Yes you can, and in fact, you should. When you get your estimate done, be sure to review it thoroughly. You aren’t just looking for the cheapest overall bottom line on your estimate from your demolition specialist. What’s most important here is value. Are you getting your money’s worth in experience, quality materials, and time? At the end of the day, will this job be done to my satisfaction?

When you are considering the value of a demolition estimate, you are thinking about the amount of stress the project will cost you and whether you risk having to hire someone else to finish the job. The worst case scenario is always not getting the work done to your satisfaction and having unforeseen costs down the line.


Ideally, your estimate will be thorough. Call us for a quote (469) 486 – 8633

You will meet with your demolition expert right here in Denton, get a good feeling for them and their dedication to the work, and get all your most important questions and concerns addressed.